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3D Touch to Haptic Touch UI

I have to confess, I miss 3D Touch. Debuting 3 years ago on the 6s models, it opened up many more interactions that a long press lacked. Making its introduction on the iPhone Xr , Haptic Touch is Apple’s solution to bring some of the user experience they introduced on the iPhone 6s/6s Plus 3 years ago to the Xr. The biggest impact to me due this design compromise and cost reducing measure is the loss of 3D Touch activated app quick actions.

My solution to bring this back to devices that lack 3D Touch will be to add a new UI gesture. The new UI interaction being a tap, hold and swipe up on the app’s icon to active the app’s quick action features. Adding the haptic feedback when the quick action menu is displayed will replicate the feeling of 3D Touch. Since the other UI swipe directions (down, left, right) either activates search or changes the home screen in use,  the swipe up on an app icon is the gesture left that is not used at the moment interact with iOS.

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